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    FRXTL Issue 1 is a 32 page art and literature zine that features work by: Elizabeth Foster, Chuck Young, Stephen Michael Mcdowell, Manuel Arturo Abreu, Nolan Gray Allen, James Ganas, Bob Schofield, Carabella Sands, Jakob Maier, Stacey Teague, SM Bateman, Jayinee Basu, Micco Caporale, Beach Sloth, Megan Lent, Andrea Bjurstroem, J.D.A. Winslow, and Michael Hessel-Mial, plus interviews with Michael J. Seidlinger, Matt Nelson, and Beach Sloth. FRXTL is very excited about FRXTL Issue 1 and can’t wait to see how it is received by you out there. ‘Enjoy. It’s good shit.’ – Wilko R.M ‘FRXTL is a Sniffin’ Glue for digital natives.’ – Ben Nadler (Keep This Bag Away From Children)

    Buy FRXTL Issue 1 now (£6/approx $10 US–postage included) 
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    "evidence of giants"
     - 2014 - a4, colored pencils  

    for sale - 250 AUD + 7 dollars postage internationally 

    write me at sunsetgradient@gmail.com

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    Daehyun Kim aka Moonassi (b. 1980, Seoul, Korean) - Beam, 2012  Drawings:  Ink on Paper

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    Amy Cutler

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    this is the glossary from my forthcoming book, takahē

    i titled some of the poems in Māori

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    new poem on Metazen by Kalliopi Mathios aka Thais Benoit

    read it here

    I’m also hecked up about her upcoming chapbook from Plain Wrap Press, 'horse girl'  (available April 30)


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    little moths are waking up and kissing each other within my insides. they don’t view this as a prison and neither should you.

    i have your eyes on repeat circling through my head. my body feels like a volcano erupting for the first time in ten thousand years. this span of time…

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  15. These.

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